Application Security Compliance

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The solution you need for continuous application security compliance.

The evidence you need for security audits & application risk management.

  • Accelerates compliance audits and ATO’s with automation and evidence – eliminates manual verifications with screen captures
  • Pluggable architecture delivers a comprehensive compliance solution tailored to your highly custom application designs and deployments
  • Provides out-of-the-box compliance controls and NIST 800-53 reports for OS, application servers, databases and cloud resources
  • Continuously monitors and identifies mis-configurations between multiple environments at scale
  • Provides root cause analysis to assist information Security, Configuration Management, DevSecOps, and Application Developers in identifying and remediating mis-configurations
U3C - Our Solution Model
Our model is a Unified Capitis Configuration Compliance (U3C) solution that connects all layers of security

U3C Solution Model

At a major financial institution, our solution automates hundreds of thousands of compliance checks saving 1,000’s of hours of manual compliance efforts per year.

C2VS Use Cases & Value Proposition

ATO approval process

  • Scan environment to be approved
  • Provide evidence that configurations are correct
  • Expedite the ATO process
  • Eliminate manual effort & errors

Information Security Audits

  • Scan production environments
  • Analyze C2VS scan results
  • Remediate any issues immediately
  • 100% coverage verses manual spot checks

Continuous monitoring of production environments

  • Trigger scans whenever configurations are changed
  • Analyze results and compute risk posture
  • Notify security and Ops engineers for immediate action

Integrate with CI/CD pipeline

  • Initiate C2VS scans following the deployment of every Dev, QA or Prod environment
  • Identify misconfigurations and remediate

Consistency between environments

  • Initiate scans concurrently in Active and DR sites
  • Identify inconsistent configurations between the two environments
  • Remediate before the disaster occurs
Cloud Native App Configuration Overload – The Mis-Configuration Challenge

  • Defense-in-depth strategy is leading to new security controls with more configurations
  • More environments are created at higher frequencies
  • Modern microservice architectures promote more deployable units
  • Infrastructure-as-Code and Platform-as-Code creates more configuration properties
  • Daily and weekly release candidates are becoming a common practice
  • More configuration parameters for performance tuning and efficiency
Do You Treat App Configurations as First Class Citizens?
  • Does it take a long time and manual steps to conduct security audits?
  • Do you have continuous visibility into your application configurations?
  • Do you have the visibility into your database configurations that are specific to your application needs?
  • Do you know the gaps in hardening vendor product installations and configurations in your environment?
  • Can you assess the risks associated with security misconfigurations at all times?
  • Can you compare two application environments?
  • Can you track the drift in configurations in your environments?
  • Can you understand the context of a misconfiguration and identify the root cause immediately?
If the answer is “NO” to one or more of these questions, C2VS is the answer.
Out-of-the-box Compliance
  • Java Stack: Tomcat, Apache web server, Linux OS
  • .NET Stack: IIS, .NET Apps, Windows OS
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres
  • AWS Cloud : EC2, ECS, Lambda, RDS
  • AWS Integration: Config, Aurora, Security Hub, Systems Manager
  • Red Hat: Ansible Tower and Open Shift
Supported Infrastructue


  • Bare Metal
  • Amazon Web Services

Operating Systems

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • CentOS
  • Amazon Linux
  • Ubuntu
Engagement Model
  • Capitis professional services team customizes C2VS for your custom applications and CI/CD pipeline
  • Configuration compliance coverage increases from a few spot checks to 100% continuous coverage
  • Capitis transfers knowledge to your team for on-going operations and maintenance

C2VS is a Highly Customizable Independent Compliance Solution Designed to Identify your Application Specific Misconfigurations and their Root Cause Automatically and Repeatably.

C4S - Analytics & Visualization
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Filter by scans, environments & compliance categories
  • Drill-down capabilities for root cause analysis
  • Detailed information for failures
  • Summarized errors with risk impact classification
  • AWS inventory dashboards linked to C2VS scans

C4S Dashboards