Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

We will provide superior IT solutions with fast delivery cycles based on industry best practices that are cost effective and reliable.

Who We Are

Capitis Solutions Inc. is a Maryland based Information Technology consulting company founded in 2007. It is also a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). Our philosophy to align with the client’s organizational culture and provide cost effective, quality solutions is key to our success. Our approach to problem solving is unique and our clients benefit from the results in weeks rather than months.

Complete transparency, honesty, integrity, and team collaboration are important aspects of our project management approach. Our no-nonsense consulting work has helped customers successfully finish implementing even the most convoluted and failing project. In several instances, we have taken our clients’ mishandled and mismanaged software projects and turned them around into success stories. We have a strong commitment to the success of every project we undertake and minimizing risk at every stage is our mantra.


Prasad Kunchakarra, the founder and CEO of Capitis Solutions, formed the company in 2007 while supporting the Department of Homeland Security SOA transformation for the IDENT biometric system. During 2008-2010, the Capitis team implemented one of the mission critical solutions for integrating DHS Biometric system with other federal agency systems using TIBCO Enterprise Bus. Since 2011, the Capitis team has been playing a key role in developing a new securitization software platform for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who are leaders in the mortgage industry. Our contributions include architecture, design, and implementation, including DevOps services for the platform. We are one of the preferred professional services vendors for Fannie Mae.


We are partnered with AWS, TIBCO Consulting, and CloudBees Services. We specialize in implementing cloud native architecture solutions, including Microservices either for green field or for brown field applications.