Performance Testing and Tuning of Cloud Native Applications

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About the Customer

The client, who is a leading company in the mortgage industry, initiated a modernization project. The new software platform is expected to process multi-trillion dollars of assets and multi-billion dollars of cash flow. The Capitis team played a key role in developing, performance testing, and tuning cloud native applications on AWS.

The Challenge

Cloud native application performance testing and tuning bring additional challenges to the development lifecycle other than those encountered in a traditional data center. These challenges include:

  • Selection of the optimum compute and storage resources for application services, messaging, and database layer
  • Balancing the number of reserve versus on-demand EC2 instances
  • Streamlining batch workloads to maximize throughput while optimizing AWS resource requirements
  • Identifying optimum scale-in and scale-out policies
  • Identifying the optimum backup and archiving policies

The Solution

  • We implemented a cloud native test framework that could connect and load elastically scalable microservices application platforms. Our custom test framework itself was developed as a set of microservices that was deployed and configured using automated CI/CD pipeline. The traditional monolithic load generation tools proved to be too slow to configure and adapt to the constantly evolving microservices platform.
  • We performed a value analysis with different types of infrastructure components and under different load conditions, which enabled us to select the optimum AWS resources while taking business impacts into consideration
  • Relational databases tuning effort included optimization of AWS compute, storage, and IOPS resources

The Benefits

  • By leveraging AWS and our Capitis Test Framework, we overcame the challenge of scaling the platform while optimizing AWS resource costs. Our innovative, cloud-native test framework accelerated platform performance tuning in a cost-effective manner.
  • We recommended the best AWS compute, storage, and network resources that met performance requirements while satisfying budget constraints.

Capitis Solutions and AWS

We are playing a key role in developing backend computation platform for the mortgage industry which is expected to handle multibillion dollars of assets and cash flows.