IOT Data Analytics Platforms

Our team has in-depth expertise in developing end to end data analytics platform for IOT devices

We are experts at building cost effective analytics platforms that can ingest continuous stream of sensor data, process and generate near real time alerts. Our solutions include next generation machine learning models that can detect anomalies and predict failures before they occur. Our solution includes:

  • Data lakes

  • Streaming data stores

  • Serverless processing services

  • Near real time anomaly detect using ML Models

  • Alert and notification generation systems

  • Dashboards for business, operations and service engineers

Our data scientists take a pragmatic approach in developing statistical and ML models for detecting anomalies and failures for predictive maintenance systems

Our data scientists rapidly profile historical data and perform extensive statistical analysis to understand the correlation between sensor metrics. We can quickly develop baseline metrics and deviations from baselines by using our advanced statistical algorithms. We recognize that fundamental analysis with common sense engineering judgement is of key importance in quickly eliminating the noise and getting to the core of the problem.

Our team is uniquely equipped to deliver secure, reliable, accurate and IoT data analytics solution

IoT data analytics platforms require a multi-disciplinary skill set covering the areas of data science, cloud technologies, infrastructure, microservices, data lake, data warehouse, streaming and information security. The combined experience of our developers, infrastructure engineers, systems engineers, DevOps engineers, data modelers, data scientists, and information security engineers positions uniquely for delivering most cost effective and scalable solutions.