A Financial Company's Migration to AWS

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About the Customer

The client, who is a leading company in the mortgage industry, initiated a modernization project. The new software platform is expected to process multi-trillion dollars of assets and multi-billion dollars of cash flow. The Capitis team led the migration from an on-premise data center to AWS successfully.

The Challenge

  • Due to the sensitive nature of the data ingested into the platform (i.e. financial data received from customers and partners), the AWS solution needed to comply with NIST 800-53 series controls, including access control, incident response, business continuity, and disaster recovery.
  • During the migration, the application source code needed to be released, deployed, and concurrently run in the on-premise data center as well as the target AWS environment under tight deadlines.

The Solution

  • Capitis Solutions solved the migration problem using AWS capabilities to accelerate the delivery schedule. To implement NIST 800-53 controls, AWS provides a wide range of services including VPC, Security Groups (SG), Encrypted EBS volumes, Key Management Services (KMS) etc.
  • To rapidly enable DevOps processes, the Capitis team installed and configured infrastructure tools such as Jenkins, Chef, GIT/SCM, and Nexus. AWS services combined with Capitis DevOps best practices accelerated the migration to AWS.

The Benefits

  • By leveraging AWS, Capitis Solutions could help the customer meet their aggressive deadlines without any disruption to their development and testing activities
  • We reduced infrastructure provisioning time from a multi-week effort down to 4 hours.
  • Realized cost savings by starting and shutting down development and test environments as needed as opposed to running them all the time in traditional data centers
  • Accelerated performance testing by provisioning 100+ node environments in a single day, as opposed to the several months required in a traditional center.
  • Eliminated error prone manual application properties management.
  • Increased cost savings by selecting the appropriate storage types as opposed to expensive on-premise storage solutions
  • Eliminated error prone manual deployment processes through automation. By combining the AWS tools with Chef and Jenkins, Capitis Solutions accomplished a high degree of automation

Capitis Solutions and AWS

We are playing a key role in developing backend computation platform for the mortgage industry which is expected to handle multibillion dollars of assets and cash flows.