Digital Transformation

Organizations are becoming digital

The fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution, is happening at a fast pace. The mainstream use of cloud computing platforms along with the ever-increasing data from traditional and non-traditional sources (such as mobile platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) and social media) has changed the landscape of enterprise software systems, requiring new processes and rapid adaptation to remain relevant.

Transformation is a continuum for the Capitis Team

Capitis Solutions has been helping clients address modernization challenges for the last decade. We were able to successfully transform client server systems to SOA, enabling organizations the ability to offer better and more timely features. We bring the same disciplined approach to the new era of digital transformation.

We have transformed organizations in the past and we are ready to do it again

We understand both legacy systems architecture and state-of-the art digital transformation technologies. This allows us to provide transformation road maps without disrupting existing processes and systems.

Our strategy is to unlock and revitalize your assets

We recognize that many mature organizations have tightly coupled monolith applications and platforms that are difficult to modify or add new capabilities to. If adding new business capabilities is a multi-month effort and error prone, we can account for that and help you revitalize existing assets and unlock their hidden potential instead.

We will accelerate your digital transformation

Capitis takes a holistic approach to your technology ecosystem and develops an actionable road map to reap the benefits of your effort. We will show you how to build responsive and elastic systems by optimizing your processes and taking advantage of modern technologies. Through our disciplined approach, we can accelerate your innovation cycles.

Our differentiators

Successful digital transformation efforts maintain the capability of legacy systems while building new services using modern technology. Our in-depth understanding of both legacy and modern technologies, along with our experience on large-scale integration projects, puts us in a unique position to help our clients enjoy a quick return on their investment.