Cloud Services Overview

Rapid cloud migration is our mantra

We help customers modernize their traditional data center based applications by migrating the system to either a hybrid data center or pure cloud data center based upon their unique requirements. Our customers start reaping the benefits of cloud-centric solutions within weeks rather than months or years.

Multidisciplinary Capitis DevOps team unleashes full cloud potential

Our high-powered cloud architects, developers, engineers, and database administrators work as a unified team to implement DevOps solutions. Our expertise with infrastructure provisioning, continuous integration, and deployments enables you to take advantage of the full potential of cloud architecture.

Our team has in-depth experience managing large systems on AWS platform

We have a proven track record of architecting, designing, and implementing DevOps solutions for a major financial industry utility on AWS. Our consultants are experts on Amazon Web Services capabilities such as Cloud Formation, RDS, EC2, EBS, and S3 including cross-region replication.

Customized effective cloud solutions for your problems

Capitis can help your company leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS). We can develop a road map that fully harnesses the capabilities of AWS depending on your organization’s unique situation and provide guidance on how you can efficiently operate in either an off-premise mode or in a hybrid mode (on and off-premise) combination. We can also clearly explain the capabilities and limitations of AWS services including EC2, S3, Cloud Formation, Virtual Private Cloud, Key Services, Route 53, and elastic load balancers.

We excel in secure cloud solutions

Because of our extensive experience building secure services for the Federal Government, we are able to quickly adapt to building secure services in AWS cloud. As a result, we can provide valuable insight into securing your assets in AWS.


Our background in building large-scale distributed applications has given us an edge in harnessing the power of elasticity that the AWS cloud offers. We have expertise in building highly available, large-scale cloud applications and can bring that expertise to your project.