Oracle Database Administration

We are the SMEs for Oracle database administration, either in cloud, or traditional in data centers

The Capitis team is experienced in installing, configuring, and administering Oracle databases. We have expert level knowledge in configuring Oracle databases in high availability environments, including both traditional data centers and cloud-based data centers.

We have the expertise to install, configure, and automate secure HA Oracle 12c on AWS platform

The cloud platform poses special challenges to RAC based configurations. We have overcome these challenges and implemented a high availability solution in multiple Availability Zones.

Our expertise includes:

  • Automated installation and configuration of Oracle 11g and 12c on AWS and VMware virtualized platforms
  • Oracle ASG based file storage management
  • Oracle data guard for disaster recovery and high availability
  • Monitoring solution using Oracle OEM
  • Automated database backup and restore using RMAN and Data pump
  • Automated backup to S3 buckets using Oracle AWS plugin
  • Oracle SSL based transport encryption and X.509 certificate authentication
  • Oracle Transparent Database Encryption (TDE) for encrypting data
  • Oracle Role base access controls for fine grained access controls
  • Performance tuning and cost optimization on AWS platforms

We excel at cost optimized performance tuning of Oracle databases on AWS cloud

Our team has in-depth experience tuning databases that are hosted on the AWS platform. We can optimize your database resources to decrease costs without compromising throughput and response times.