Infrastructure as Code

We treat infrastructure automation as code, which facilitates immutable and on-demand infrastructure

The infrastructure required for modern application architectures that are built and deployed continuously needs a different kind of approach compared to traditional applications and data centers. The Capitis team can bring the expertise to create immutable and on-demand infrastructure that leverages the latest cloud/virtualization technologies, including containers such as Docker.

Jump start infrastructure automation using the proven agile development methodology

We can quickly jump start your infrastructure modernization process to achieve various goals including:

  • Infrastructure as code
  • CI/CD process for infrastructure
  • Immutable infrastructure

We bring the same discipline of test driven development to infrastructure code development. We also bring our extensive experience in scripting languages along with automated tools suites to jump start your on-demand infrastructure provisioning process.

Our solutions are aimed at improving productivity of developers/testers while realizing cost savings

Automated provisioning of infrastructure (A.K.A Infrastructure as Code) improves the productivity of the development and test teams with relatively few DevOps team members. Capitis understands the intricacies of on-demand infrastructure creation. We have observed that in large project initiatives which involve hundreds of developers and testers, just in-time infrastructure provisioning for development and testing results in large sums of cost savings.