DevOps for On-demand Deployment

Cost savings realized through our just-in time provisioning and on-demand deployment solutions

The Capitis team can optimize your existing automated deployments, or we can automate them from scratch. Our team has extensive experience facilitating automated self-deployments by testers or operations teams, as well as automating deployments across multiple technology stacks (including application servers, custom vendor products, messaging systems and databases). These practices especially help in optimizing costs and provisioning for just-in time testing.

We automate data priming of data bases required for test scenarios

In addition to code deployments, our practices include the initialization of environments, configurations, and recreating database schema with reference and master data

We have built frameworks to keep messaging configurations in synch with the code

For large messaging and event-based systems, we have perfected the science of keeping messaging artifacts including topics, queues, and routes etc. in sync with each code deployment in an automated fashion.