Custom Software Development

Our team is innovative and focused on achieving faster delivery cycles

The Capitis Team is innovative and uses the right technologies to address the changing landscape of software development. We deliver quality software by adhering to an agile software development methodology.

We build systems that are reliable, elastic, and operation friendly

Over the years, we have learned that a good software developer not only understands the functional requirements, but considers all the non-functional requirements as well. We begin with the end in mind and take into account the operation needs and total cost of ownership while implementing systems.

Microservices and SOA architecture using Spring/JAVA technology is our expertise

We specialize in building large scale microservices systems on cloud platforms, including AWS and Cloud Foundry. We have proven expertise in building Spring/Java Enterprise Applications for SOA architecture using Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic, and WebSphere platforms.

Implementing real time messaging/stream processing systems is one of our core strengths

We excel in in implementing real time message processing systems with zero data loss and availability across multiple regions. We are currently implementing a pilot to transform traditional messaging systems into the latest stream processing systems such as Apache Kafka and Apache Storm.