Continuous Testing Services

Capitis’ holistic test strategy integrates test data management with our Test as Code approach. We have proven experience in simulating real world user journeys as part of end to end testing.

A good test data management strategy is essential to achieving high quality testing

Every day deployments to production is the norm for some agile organizations. In order to meet these demands, organizations have fully embraced automated testing. The confidence levels achieved through automated testing are greatly influenced by the quality of the test data, but what we have often observed is that software development teams do not pay adequate attention to test data management. This lack of attention to test data leads to either an impact on the schedules or to low quality testing, both of which result in bugs showing up in production.

Faster deployment cycles associated with microservices are demanding fast feedback cycles of testing

Cloud native applications with microservices architectures have fast deployment cycles. Testing needs to match this pace and provide rapid feedback to the development teams. We have in-depth experience developing test harnesses to address these concerns.

Testing as Code is our mantra to achieve faster deployments. All phases of testing are part of DevOps pipeline

We believe in the concept of “Testing as Code” (TOC) for all phases, including performance. For microservices based applications, the Consumer Driven Contract (CDC) tests have helped us eliminate the integration challenges involved with code developed by multiple teams. Behavior Driven Testing using Cucumber for Continuous Integration has proven to be extremely valuable in identifying integration issues on a daily basis and provides fast feedback to developers. Once the framework is developed, business analysts can maintain these integration tests.

We have a proven experience in simulating real world user journeys as part of end to end testing

End to End tests are also performed for mission critical applications to achieve a higher degree of confidence in the testing outcomes. We are able to build test harness that perform real world User Journeys with reliable results.

Continuous performance testing with cost-based optimization are part of our performance tuning approach

Performance testing and tuning of the application as part of the Continuous Delivery pipeline is key to success. We help our clients understand the performance impacts by automatically gathering test metrics and providing analysis of the data. The tuning of cloud native application performance not only includes throughput and response, but also the factors such as “Cost Modeling” and “Auto Scaling” profiling.