Cloud Native Application Development

Our experience in distributed systems makes the design of cloud applications with microservices as a natural evolution of work we have been doing for the last decade

Microservices have become synonymous with cloud native application development and they are the current standard for developing distributed applications that are scalable and reliable. Capitis has been developing distributed applications in similar environments for the last fifteen years. We have implemented large CORBA based systems for both the telecommunication and financial industry and we have migrated client server applications to Web Services based SOA architecture.

We develop Microservices using the 12 Factor Application Development Methodology

With the advent of cloud platforms and the maturation of DevOps practices, it has been a natural evolution for Capitis members to fully embrace the 12 Factor Application development methodology. Our team harnesses the guiding principles of the 12 Factor App Development methodology to its optimum levels so that our clients can quickly realize the benefits of cloud native architecture.

Our DevOps expertise combined with cloud native application development results in a synergy which is perfect for achieving rapid delivery cycles

The benefits of a cloud native application can only be fully realized if agile principles of development are combined with test automation and mature DevOps practices. Our combined strengths in distributed architecture, integration of multiple systems, and strong DevOps practices on cloud platforms gives us the ability to provide the turnkey solutions required for a digital organization.