Application Migration to Cloud

We identify the most suitable workloads to be shifted to the cloud by engaging a multidisciplinary team

Capitis team members have extensive experience in developing the application portfolio of an enterprise application and characterizing application dependencies and workloads. Based on this analysis, our team members assess the suitability of the applications and the type of changes that have to be made to the build, development, and application deployment strategies in the cloud. Our Cloud engineers, System Administrators, and Application Architects perform a thorough analysis and recommend the best migration strategy to move from the traditional data centers to the Cloud. Our strategies include:

  • Lift and Shift strategy with no changes
  • Identification of equivalent operating systems
  • Identification cloud centric authentication, authorization models
  • Upgrades to JAVA or .NET runtime environments
  • Identification of logging, monitoring and alerting mechanisms
  • Usage of AWS offered services such as AWS RDS services
  • Identification of backup and disaster recovery strategies
  • Deployment topology that harnesses AWS auto scaling groups
  • Cost optimization strategies for compute, storage, backup and recovery

We move your assets to the cloud without any disruption to your existing operations

We have a proven track record in migrating complex enterprise applications into AWS cloud in record time periods without any disruption of services. We can deploy your applications in the cloud with minimal changes to the current applications. Once the application is migrated to the cloud, we continuously monitor and recommend strategies to take advantage of native cloud capabilities such as automated scaling groups, elastic load balancers, and native monitoring such as cloud watch and cloud trail.